Harder & Steenbeck was founded during the fall of 1923 by two engineers,

August Harder and Wilhelm Steenbeck in Hamburg-Altona (Germany).


     In the beginning, capacitors, resonant circuit coils and other electrical components were made for the radio manufacturing industry.

     Later Mr. Steenbeck separated from the enterprise and Mr. Harder managed the company alone, producing many spare parts for the automobile industry.

     During the Second World War, ship's sonar components were produced. After the end of the war Mr. Harder began to produce airbrush and spraying equipment. Some were based on old models and some were his own new designs.

     The first spray gun produced was the PRIMA, after that the CONSUL, and later the ULTRA airbrush. All these products were renowned for their durability and robustness and were valued by all those who used them, including Graphic designers, retouchers, artists, the Porcelain Industry and especially the doll and toy manufacturers in southern Germany.

     In addition, a wide variety of parts and equipment for the spray gun industry and compressed air products were produced covering many applications.
     After the death of the Mr. Harder senior in 1975, Mr. Hans Harder, son of August Harder took over the company "Harder and Steenbeck" continuing in the footsteps of the founder until 1992.

     In 1992 the company was sold and then moved to Oststeinbek in the eastern outskirts of Hamburg.

     In 1995 the precision engineer Jens Matthiessen joined the company as a partner.

     New product lines were introduced in 1996 with the production of the legendary "GRAFO ", the “COLANI ", the development continued further with the " EVOLUTION ". Great attention was always paid to quality, fine craftsmanship, lasting value and product image.

     In the year 2000 Harder & Steenbeck acquired the airbrush section of  “Hansa Technik”, located in Norderstedt/Germany.

     Since 2004 Jens Matthiessen is sole proprietor of Harder & Steenbeck Metallwarenfabrik e.K. and Managing Director of Hansa World of Airbrush Marketing and Sales Co.

     Today, the companies Harder & Steenbeck and Hansa World of Airbrush export their products worldwide. The airbrushes are known as superior precision instruments. The year 2007 marks the introduction of a new line of airbrushes  - The “
infinity”. The airbrush with an eye-catching design and many new functions is setting new standards in the world of airbrushing.


     In 2007 the company also makes its official debut on the American market at the National Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA) show in Chicago.